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At BayTax, our passion is to help small business owners reach their goals. Whether you want to start, grow, consolidate or leave a business, we can help you do it effectively.

Business advice that keeps you on track

No matter whether you’d just like some guidance on how to grow your business, or a complex tax situation has you perplexed, we can help. We’ll impart our expertise, knowledge and business acumen to help you reach your goals sooner.

We can prepare benchmarking reports that help you analyse where you are in relation to your competitors. From this, we’ll identify areas for improvement and help you get ahead in your industry.

Our team are also well-versed in preparing detailed and relevant business plans. A great business plan is an important part of a business and helps keep you on the right track. Solid advice and a detailed plan enables you to plan for the future, access pivotal funding and guides you and your staff.

Our Financial Analysis services take a look at the financial health of your business. We’ll take a thorough look at the performance of your business – far beyond where most accountants go – and advise you of potential issues.

Goal and KPI Setting

Setting goals are key to a successful business. With a vision in place for your venture, you and your team will lack direction and motivation. We’ll help you determine exactly where you want to be by drafting short and long-term goals. We’ll also go a step further and implement a plan that makes sure you achieve them.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) should be closely linked to your organisation’s goals and reviewed regularly. Setting KPIs for your staff is a great way to keep employees on track and ensure your business is on path to succeed. We’ll help you set smart KPIs that are measurable, realistic and help you reach your goals.

Organisational Review

Our lengthy experience and business acumen puts us in the perfect position to help you improve your business. Our team will thoroughly examine the systems, processes and structure of your business and provide feedback on areas for improvement. We’ll also assess issues relating to staff and management with the view to boost your business.

Succession Planning

A succession or exit plan details what will happen to your business when you leave. It’s important to plan ahead in order for the transition of management to be as smooth as possible. But despite its importance, it’s an often overlooked part of business. We’ll help prepare a succession plan that takes into account your priorities and goals. Plan for the future with ease with BayTax’s succession planning service.

Your own business coach

Do you want a business advisor who actually makes a difference in your business? At BayTax, we’ll act as your personal business coach. We’ll help you build your wealth, achieve financial freedom and regain the joy of running your business.
Many business coaches and advisors promise great things but fail to deliver. The team at BayTax have the expertise to actually make a positive impact on the lives of small business owners.

How do we do it?

First, we get to know you and your business inside out. We’ll make sure we understand the ups and downs of running a business in your industry by communicating with you regularly. We’ll also look at your short and long term goals so we understand what you’re trying to achieve. Then, as part of our Quarterly Business Coaching service, we’ll assess the health of your business and identify areas for improvement. We’ll also review your goals and design strategies to help you meet them. We understand that no two businesses or people are the same and as a result, each coaching session is completely unique. If you’d like to work with an expert team who actively seek to help you grow your business, contact us today.

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