We’ll help you stay on top of your tax obligations

Sustainable business growth comes from having your accounting and tax needs sorted. The BayTax team will work with you to ensure all your tough tax questions are answered and you remain compliant with the IRD.

Breeze through tax time without the hassle

We understand that many people find tax time to be stressful, but it’s a pivotal time that can’t be avoided. At BayTax, we know how our clients feel about tax, that’s why we strive to make the process as smooth and painless as possible. We’re here to make sure you don’t pay a cent more in tax than you have to!

Our comprehensive taxation solutions include income tax returns, tax planning, minimisation and specialist tax opinions. We take a proactive approach to tax. That means we’ll come to you with ideas on how to save money. Whether that be through structuring your business or trust in the most tax effective way or advising you on potential deductions, we’ll do our best to save you money. Our team will get to know your business thoroughly so we can plan and implement relevant tax optimisation strategies for your business.

FBT & GST Management

We are experts when it comes to FBT and GST management.  At BayTax, we’ll provide you with accurate and timely assistance with GST and FBT preparation and filing requirements.

Tax planning for high net worth individuals

The BayTax team love to work with passionate individuals who are looking to build their wealth. We have a unique understanding of what is required to effectively structure business entities, protect your assets, ensure you remain compliant and reduce your tax bill. Our tax advice and planning service is a comprehensive solution. First, we’ll assess your overall financial health, then we’ll take a look at your current and future financial goals. We’ll then work closely with you to create a wealth-building and management strategy that’s tailored to you. Our tax planning advice will enable you to grow your wealth, remain compliant, avoid nasty surprises and prepare for the future.

We’ll handle any IRD disputes

When you’re in a stressful situation, it’s nice to have somebody in your corner who understands the problem inside out and is there to support and guide you. That’s what we do for all our clients. If you have to face an IRD tax audit or a dispute arises, we’ll negotiate on your behalf.

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